What color is your home? Why did you choose that color? Most people would say they chose a specific color because it’s their favorite color. We applaud this answer, but did you know that the color you choose for your home may impact your psyche and mood? 

Now before you choose the next paint job for your home, you need to consider what effect a particular color might have on your psyche, and this is where we come in handy. A particular color might make a room feel bigger, but it might also soothe you. 

Green is the color of luck, of hope. If you chose this color, it would give your room tone and a vegetal side. So without further ado, let’s learn how color can affect your psyche and mood.Discover in this article how to use green in a kitchen. 

Useful tips before choosing a green kitchen


If you want an original bright room, put the green furniture on white walls. Then, choose the color green grass and light green for the decor and furniture for the walls.

Colors that go with a green kitchen

Use green with chocolate or beige tones to have a warm green kitchen. For more brightness, green can be combined with white. For those who like modern atmospheres, we advise you to turn to a fir or bottle green and also muted shades. Indeed, the plant color blends very well with cream, ochre, and taupe.

Green immediately refers to nature. Pastel or powdery shades are necessary to keep a modern and fresh spirit if your project is to create a kitchen that is total to your liking.

Be original

For a more sophisticated and modern kitchen, opt for dark tones or bright green for a touch of originality. However, for a rustic decoration, rosemary green is the most suitable.

Why green?

It’s a great choice for producing positive emotions. Green is globally known as an emotionally calming color, and it often reminds people of nature, giving them a sense of equilibrium, harmony, and refreshments. Because it is a cool cooler, it is better for homes in warm climates and rooms on the warmer side. Sage green is said to give a tranquil and relaxing feeling, while a darker green will invigorate your senses.

The different green kitchens

1. Water green kitchen

This green goes particularly well with blue to create an elegant and contemporary atmosphere.

2. Grey-green kitchen

Soft and almost powdery, this half-tone color shade is easy to live with. With some edgier decorating elements, such as olive green kitchen walls, an island hood, or nods to industrial style with sliding glass doors, you’ll achieve depth through a subtle play of contrasts.

3. Green and gray kitchen


The best way to design a green kitchen without taking risks is by merging with gray fronts or worktops. This color adapts to all associations, especially with light green.

4. Almond green kitchen

Fresh and bright, its particularity is put on neutral coverings, from the credenza to the coordinated moon gray laminate worktop, through the matching vinyl floor. This will highlight its minimalist fronts with a glossy texture.

5. Green kitchen and wood

Wood is the material that goes with green, both in nature and in the kitchen. With it, you won’t be disappointed, no matter what species and finishes you choose. Anything is possible with a good worktop, provided you use raw materials or marble or stone. You can add wooden furniture for this.

6. Olive green kitchen

Inspired by this typically Mediterranean fruit’s sun-drenched, gourmet shades, this kitchen features undulating olive green bitumen sheet cladding, diverted into wall cladding on the water green partition.

7. Dark green kitchen

A shade with a strong decorative temperament, this kitchen favors high-end materials. There’s the must-have, a green kitchen countertop and matching credenza carved from marble.

8. Sage green kitchen


This shade, close to the almond green but softened by a touch of gray, will appeal to fans of half-tone colors. This version has a smooth, matte surface with no handles or rough edges and has applied tone on tone.

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