What color is your home? Why did you choose that color? Most people would say they chose a specific color because it’s their favorite color. We applaud this answer, but did you know that the color you choose for your home may impact your psyche and mood? Now before you choose the next paint job for your home, you need to consider what effect a particular color might have on your psyche, and this is where we come in handy. A particular color might not only make a room feel bigger, but it might also soothe you. So without further ado, let’s learn how color can affect your psyche and mood.

Color and the psyche


Color can be a really powerful tool of communication and can be used to signal action, influence one’s mood, and even their physiological reaction. Scientists have found that specific colors have been associated with increased metabolism, eyestrain, and even increased blood pressure. Sir Isaac Newton, in 1666, discovered that each color is made up of a single wavelength and that they can’t be separated into any further colors. Studies have also shown that colors may have an impact on performance. According to a study, seeing the color red before an exam can negatively affect one’s performance because they associate the color red with bad grades, and subconsciously, this creates a sense of fear in your mind. According to Psychology Today, our response to colors has everything to do with the latter’s saturation and brightness levels.

Color and their impact

We’ll break down this list into different categories (cool, neutral, and warm). These different categories impact your psyche differently. This is why it is important to choose your color wisely, and the shade you choose for the interior will directly affect you and your family and anyone who spend prolonged time inside your home. We’ll tell you how different colors affect your psyche:

Cool color:

    • Blue: It has a soothing and calming effect and is a winner for almost everyone. Blue works incredibly well for bedrooms because it is an inviting color and makes you get better sleep because it reminds us of the sky or ocean. Stronger blues like nay-blue tend to be very stimulating and can clear your thoughts, while lighter blues like soft-gray can calm your mind and aid in concentration.


    • Green: It’s a great choice for producing positive emotions. Green is globally known as an emotionally calming color, and it often reminds people of nature, giving them a sense of equilibrium, harmony, and refreshments. Because it is a cool cooler, it is better for homes in warm climates and rooms on the warmer side. Sage green is said to give a tranquil and relaxing feeling, while a darker green will invigorate your senses.

Warm colors:

    • Orange or red: Most people tend to be attracted by warm colors like orange and red because they feel like they warm the temperature of a room and might affect your inner climate. Orange and reds are often associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. They provide a sense of coziness and make anyone who enters the room feel comfortable. Burnt orange creates a friendlier and inviting atmosphere. Orange encourages creativity and makes you feel happy.
    • Yellow: It is often associated with playfulness, creativity, and joy and is often described as ‘stimulating’ and ‘exciting’, and is an excellent color for your kitchen. It brightens your mood and increases your energy, especially in the morning. History fun fact, yellow has been used as a sign of hope and optimism since the 1800s. Yellow can also stimulate one’s appetite.

Neutral colors:

    • Black: No, black is not a depressive color, and you can paint your whole room this color. Goth kids, eat your hearts out with this one and paint your room black. Black is now considered as the new neutral color because they match and go with practically everything. Make an accent wall black, and it will make your room more sophisticated and will also bring about a relaxing mood.


    • Brown: It is ideal for a bedroom or the main living area. It gives you a sense of content and makes you feel secure and one with nature.
    • Gray: It is a popular bedroom color nowadays; for some people, grays are calming and serene, while for others, it is under-stimulating and stressful. Consider painting your room in varying shades of grays to give your room an inviting and warm feeling. It can also bring a sense of elegance and liven up a space.
    • White: This will make your room seem clean and de-cluttered and can have stress-reducing effects on both your mind and mood. It can also make a room feel bigger and is the perfect cooler for people who feel claustrophobic.

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