If you want to move to the New York area, whether in the suburbs or in the heart of the city, it is not easy to find an apartment that meets all your expectations. The rent is often exorbitant. You have to pay up to 60$ per month and per square meter for an apartment in the heart of New York. To arrange your apartment well, you should optimize the smallest spaces for your comfort.

The major manufacturers have found tricks to make our lives easier with built-in and multifunctional furniture. They are very practical, but the transport and installation are often a real headache. To remedy this, you can call on a furniture assembly specialist. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about making your apartment look bigger.

Built-in kitchen furniture and appliances


The kitchen is often the tightest space in your apartment. You can make it very design. Sometimes a hallway serves as the kitchen in most apartments. Choose kitchen furniture and appliances that fit in this small space, built-in furniture that you can customize to your needs: built-in cabinets and shelves, built-in ovens or refrigerators… These pieces of furniture are getting better and better. The major manufacturers make it easy for you to choose. For the installation, you can once again use the service providers.

Build in your cupboards and shelves too

Like the kitchen, it is also very convenient to have built-in furniture in different parts of the apartment to save space: your library and linen cabinets are built-in. It is the same for your shoe closet. It is both a comfort for your eyes and a space saver.

Dare to transform furniture


On this point, manufacturers do not lack imagination either. For example, a simple three-seater sofa can easily be transformed, in the blink of an eye, into a comfortable dining table or double bed, just like folding chairs that can be easily stored in a special cart or hung on the wall. A living room becomes a bedroom in a few minutes.

The bed: an unsuspected place for storage

Furniture designers have no shortage of imagination when it comes to turning beds into storage units. You can choose the raised bed accessible by a staircase. You can use the space underneath as a storage closet, a closet, or a desk area. The space under the box spring, which is always badly exploited, can also be used as a corner for all sorts of storage and will save you a few square meters. 

You just have to lift the box spring of the transformed bed, put what you want, and it’s done. Beds with drawers and headboards with shelves are still common and never go out of style. Your room can be put away quickly, saving you valuable time. You can also elevate your bed on a platform. Just transform it by putting it in large drawers to store something.

Children’s rooms


Keeping children’s rooms tidy is a hassle for parents. Finding places to put toys, store clothes, and arrange a corner for studies is a real problem. The solution is to choose a mezzanine bed that is easy to assemble and combines everything: desk, wardrobe, and shelves, a kind of astronaut cabin where everything can be found and which will please the children. Moreover, children love this kind of furniture. It is easier for them to arrange their room themselves. Always be astute in knowing how to adapt to Parisian realities, starting with your apartment.

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