– Who are the bathroom installation professionals?

    – Why call a professional bathroom installer?

    – How to choose a professional bathroom installer?

    – Bathroom installation professionals: how much does it cost?

Whether you are renovating a kitchen or bathroom, calling on a professional guarantee the quality of the work. Who should you choose, and how should you choose? What precautions should be taken, and what are the legal obligations? We tell you everything you need to know about how to go about calling a bathroom fitter and enjoy the experience with complete peace of mind.

Who are the bathroom installation professionals?

Professional Bathroom Installer

The equipment dealer/distributor

A specialist bathroom equipment salesperson (manufacturer or distributor) can advise you on the choice of equipment according to your needs and possibly how to optimise the space available. They can also put you in touch with professional installers.

You can also contact large DIY stores or supermarkets, but the choice and advice will be limited.

The installer

The bathroom fitter is a specialist whose role ranges from providing advice to installing sanitaryware, plumbing, materials (tiles, concrete, etc.), lighting, furniture and even decoration. They may also carry out maintenance and repairs.

The fitter-aggregator

Generally both a bathroom and kitchen fitter, he is involved from design to completion. He can propose layout plans, then order the materials, organise the site, install the various elements of the bathroom (from sanitaryware to furniture and finishes) and ensure that it is put into service.

The interior architect

The interior architect is a qualified professional who designs and creates interior spaces, including the bathroom. From design to completion and monitoring of the work, they can rethink the layout, guide you on the feasibility of the project, and organise and manage the installation.

Why call a bathroom installation professional?

Professional Bathroom Installer

For the creation and complete renovation of a bathroom

Renovating or creating a bathroom requires a wide range of skills in terms of electricity and plumbing, tiling, flooring, ventilation for a possible VMC, etc.

Unless you are a seasoned DIYer in all these areas, it is often essential to call in a professional. And as the bathroom is a crucial room, it is imperative that the work is carried out as quickly as possible and in compliance with standards.

For bathroom maintenance and enamel repairs

Professional Bathroom Installer

Installers and fitters can carry out bathroom maintenance and repairs, as more specialised tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians, etc.

Some professionals specialise in enamel repairs, such as repairing chips in old bathtubs or total re-glazing. The old enamel is removed by shot blasting before any repairs are made. The new enamel is then sprayed on. This operation carried out on site is possible on almost all enamelled sanitaryware. You can even take the opportunity to choose a new colour. In the end, the re-enamelled sanitaryware will look like new, for easy maintenance and high durability.

The best way to choose a professional bathroom installer?

If the professional has a website, check out their work and references. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from people you know or other tradespeople who might recommend them. Nothing beats word of mouth! 

Bathroom installation professionals: how much does it cost?

Professional Bathroom Installer (1)


The price of equipment varies from one vendor and distributor to another. 

When it comes to installation costs, don’t just take one quote, but take the time to compare several, as prices vary significantly from one bathroom fitter to another.


Prices vary considerably from one bathroom installation professional to another and depend, of course, on the service to be provided. For more information, we suggest you visit the Capital Construction Group website. They are based in Melbourne and build dream homes for people across Victoria.

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