6 Vital Questions to Consider When Building Your Bathroom


When the time comes to fit out your bathroom, you need to ask yourself all the questions to prevent any mistakes in the layout. Indeed, the creation of this room generates a high cost, and there can be no question of forgetting an element during its design. In this post, you’ll discover the different questions to ask yourself before designing your bathroom and adapt it perfectly to your daily life.

How many people will use the bathroom?

If you are a couple with children, it may be worth choosing a bath, a double washbasin unit and, if space permits, installing a shower in addition to the tub so that several people can use the bathroom at the same time. This can be useful at certain times of the day, especially in the morning, when the whole family has to get ready and leave for their various activities, work, school or sport.

If, on the other hand, you live alone, you may want something simple – a shower and a single basin will probably be enough.

Which bathroom to choose from?

Depending on the size of the bathroom, you’ll need to decide whether to go for a single bath or a separate bath and shower unit, or a bath and shower, depending on how you live. Single or double basins, WC integrated into the room, everything is possible depending on the surface and your budget. Take time to think about it and consider how your family will evolve: you should install a bathroom for at least 10 years before you consider changing it.

Shower, bath or both?

If your bathroom does not allow you to have both, choose the bathtub if you have children or plan to have them. If your bathroom is small, there are corner models or combined bath and shower models that combine the pleasure of a bath with the advantages of a shower in a single bathroom. 

A model with a door makes access easier.

The shower is popular for its practicality and takes up less space. Beware, the Italian shower is very aesthetic, but its installation involves significant plumbing work.

A toilet in the bathroom?

Separate toilets are generally preferred but, cleverly hidden in the bathroom corner, they can provide an additional toilet for a large family. The choice of toilet type will depend on your drainage system: a conventional or wall-hung toilet if your room has a horizontal or vertical water supply or a macerator toilet if you have no water supply.

One or two basins?


A double washbasin will optimize space by offering two water points to family members.

White is often chosen as a symbol of freshness and hygiene, but most products come in a wide range of shades if you prefer coloured ones. Remember, however, that a bathroom is a significant investment in terms of time and money, and where possible, make timeless choices that you won’t tire of too quickly.

What storage do I need?

Furniture is essential to keep a room tidy. A column for storing clean towels and sanitary products, a mirror above the washbasin or a glass cabinet, a laundry basket, not forgetting the lighting. The latter must provide sufficient light, especially if the room is blind, by giving a natural light that you can modulate according to space.

Of course, all these elements must be adapted to an installation in a humid room. Consequently, all electrical connections must be earthed and made by a professional to avoid the risk of accidents, as water and electricity do not mix well.

Good to know: if your budget is too tight for unique bathroom furniture, you can replace it with kitchen furniture, which is designed for humid environments and is often less expensive.

Heating: which system to choose and where to place it?

If your bathroom already has a standard radiator, it’s easy to change it for a convenient towel warmer. Electric models are often equipped with a blower function to heat the room quickly. If a model is installed on a central heating system, have it changed by a professional, as it is more challenging to do. The location of the radiator or towel warmer should be decided when designing the bathroom.

Should a washing machine and tumble dryer be integrated?

Should your bathroom also be used as a laundry room? If so, try to integrate the machines aesthetically, for example, in a column behind a curtain or a cupboard with a door. If your bathroom is blind, i.e. without windows, choose a condensing dryer model, which will not give off water vapour when in use. If you are in a house and your tumble dryer is directly vented, if possible, plan to vent the steam to the outside by cutting a hole in the front wall to pass the pipe.

The more precise you are, the more your room will meet your needs and satisfy you. It is therefore essential to spend the necessary time thinking about your bathroom project.

The budget for the project

Before making any purchases, you need to determine the total budget for the room. You can get an idea of the cost price of the various elements by browsing the Internet or visiting DIY or sanitaryware shops. Don’t be afraid to invest in quality materials and don’t necessarily choose the cheapest items, which often have the disadvantage of a shorter lifespan than mid-range or high-end supplies.

If you are considering hiring a professional, get several quotes and check the financial health of the one you select. Remember that when you choose a company to do the work, you save some VAT on the materials, and you also save time and effort. The difference in price between a job you do yourself and a job charged by a professional is often smaller than what you think.

Hope this post will help you rethink your bathroom.  Please, remember to share your experience below.

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