– Duration of the work: how to organise yourself daily

 – Bathroom work: the schedule

 – Installing the new bathroom fittings

Installing or renovating a bathroom is a project that requires a certain amount of organisation if you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by the size of the task. In our article, discover the different steps to follow to install your bathroom, and don’t stress any more at the idea of launching this special project.

Duration of the work: how to organise yourself daily

A total delay of 2 to 4 weeks is quite normal for installing or completing a large bathroom.

Anticipating water cuts

Plan to continue using water if you already reside in the house where the renovation is taking place, and if you must shut off the water, try to limit it to half a day to continue to use the bathroom and kitchen water. After you’ve evaluated all of these factors, you’ll be able to move ahead and lower your stress.

Bathroom work: planning

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should draw up a precise schedule before starting the work, setting out the logical order of the tasks to be carried out and the estimated time to be allocated to each stage of the project.

Preparatory work: Ordering and delivering materials

If you choose to do the work yourself, consider the delivery times for the various materials, and get everything you need before the start of the project by placing orders and allowing extra time in case of stock problems or delivery problems. The delivery time will vary according to the supplier’s stock levels.


In the case of a renovation project, the demolition of the old bathroom will take a few days, as it will be necessary to remove all or part of the old sanitary elements and the existing wall and floor coverings. You will probably need two or three days to carry out this work.

Structural work

Once the demolition is complete, you will need to restore the walls and floor before continuing with the work. This will also take at least two to three days, depending on your skills, the size of your room, and the drying time of the various materials.

Finishing work

The next stage of the work is to cut and run electrical cables, install plumbing, etc., if you do not reinstall the elements in the same places as before. Depending on your level of expertise and the difficulty of installing the new installations, it will be necessary to devote two days to this work.

Waste disposal

Between the old floor coverings and sanitary fittings, the empty boxes and the various waste products, you will undoubtedly have several items to dispose of. You can hire a skip from an approved company to collect it or make several trips to the waste disposal centre when it is complete. Allow an extra day for this task and for cleaning the site.

Installing the new bathroom fittings

Monitoring the Construction of Your Bathroom

After the demolition and structural work stages, which will have taken you between a week and ten days, you will have to move on to installing your new bathroom. If you have prepared the site well, another week to 10 days should be enough to complete the installation, remove the rubble and clean up the area.

Decorating the floors and walls

It will help if you start by painting the ceiling and walls before tiling the room. You will need between 3 days and a week to complete this task, depending on the size of the surfaces to be decorated and the drying times of the various elements.

Installing the plumbing

If the plumbing work has been done optimally beforehand, two to three days will be enough to install a shower, a bathtub and basins, the taps, and make all the connections to the water supply and drainage.

Installing the furniture

They are sometimes delivered in kit form for assembly, so don’t forget to include the assembly time, which can represent a whole day added to the time needed to complete your project. The installation of the furniture once it is assembled will also take an entire day.

Don’t forget that the intervention of an expert will reduce the total cost and save you time in carrying out your work. Therefore, calling on a serious professional is a solution to consider before launching yourself into a project of this scale. 

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