How to Design a Bathroom in a Bedroom?


More and more popular, the bathroom in a bedroom combines aesthetics, intimacy, and practicality. However, you must have a large enough room and a little imagination! Several possible solutions: partitioned, partially delimited, or utterly open bathroom.

How to create a bathroom in a bedroom?

How to Design a Bathroom in a Bedroom

Closed bathroom adjoining the bedroom

Inspired by the hotel industry, private bathrooms adjoining a bedroom are very popular. Their direct link with the night zone and the dressing room without passing through the corridor allows for greater freedom and intimacy.

The choice of an enclosed room is either due to a technical constraint (load-bearing wall, for example) or an option specific to the occupants’ lifestyle (noise, staggered hours within a couple, etc.).

This shower room will be treated as a standard one without any particular constraint linked to its proximity to the bedroom. However, particular attention will be paid to the communication door and the sound insulation of the separating wall. A partially glazed partition may be considered to bring daylight into the bathroom (acid-etched glass, glass blocks, skylight, etc.).

Semi-open bathroom

The bathroom is not isolated from the bedroom, no door separates it, but it is partly hidden:

in the corner of the room, for an L-shaped room, for example;

behind a partial partition, headboard, or dressing room wall;

behind a screen.

The constraints are the same as for an open bathroom (see below).

Open bathroom

How to Design a Bathroom in a Bedroom

A bathroom open to the bedroom gives a feeling of significant volume and space, with no partition cutting into the room. The square meters of the bathroom are added to the bedroom, making the whole room seem all the more spacious. A minimum surface will be necessary to realize this suite.

For the bathroom to be perfectly integrated into the night room, the aesthetics must be in harmony with the bedroom.

Many design possibilities are possible, such as a bathtub installed on an island or raised in the middle of the room.

Note: this solution is more suitable for people who do not need much privacy! And the toilet will, of course, remain separate.

However, some technical constraints will have to be addressed, as explained below. 

Specificities of a bathroom open to a bedroom

Incorporating a bathroom into a bedroom involves a few constraints that must be considered to make this arrangement pleasant.

Ventilation & humidity

How to Design a Bathroom in a Bedroom

Pay attention to ventilation so that the room does not become humid! The room must be able to offer real performance on this side (windows, VMC).

Ideally, a window should be installed on the shower room side. In most cases, this is not possible, and the window is reserved for the bedroom. Therefore, it is essential to install a ventilation system. Otherwise, condensation and humidity will become a problem for the common room.

Opting for low-noise ventilation devices and integrating them discreetly will also be preferable. 


It is recommended to have a temperature of 19 ° C-20 ° C in a room. Still, for a bathroom to be comfortable, it must be heated to 22 ° C. Therefore, a towel dryer with low noise and fast heating, especially for an open bathroom, will be necessary.


The choice of elements, materials, and decoration must be harmonious and pleasant to live in, according to the desired atmosphere, while respecting the safety criteria of a wet room: a non-slip and waterproof floor. 

Suppose you choose the same floor as the room. In that case, you can opt for an exotic wood floor such as teak, for example, but also delimit the water area by changing layout and material or by creating a step (allowing a technical platform for the passage of networks).

Space & circulation

To circulate easily in a bathroom, it is necessary to foresee approximately 70 cm of space in front of a sink; therefore, if you have a small space, it is preferable to put a single water point with a shower. On the other hand, if you have a larger space, you can afford to install a bathtub and a double washbasin without invading the room.