The layout of a U-shaped kitchen can be adapted to all configurations. Indeed, there are various interesting features. Read this article, and you will know much more about the subject. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some do the things you need to know about U-shape kitchens.

Why choose this layout?


When we talk about a U-shaped kitchen, it means that this room is semi-open. Your kitchen thus opens onto another room in the house. It allows you to be both a place inviting to conviviality and is highly functional. Ultra practical, isn’t it? The U-shaped kitchen is ideal in a home where every nook and cranny must be well thought out. It uses all available space to optimize it.

A U-shaped kitchen with an herb garden

This modern kitchen features a lot of cabinets and large-scale storage to hide appliances against the back wall. This kitchen has a comfortable size with an island-like return to define the room. It also has a vegetable garden area for planting herbs.

A U-shaped kitchen with a family home feel

This large kitchen offers a warm look that is inspired by old-fashioned kitchens with a modern touch. You can find a stove with retro accents or a china cabinet, but the bar area allows you to form the U to have an additional dining area.

A U-shaped kitchen open to the living room

This kitchen allows easy access to the living room. Indeed, an island-like return on the dining room side has been installed to have a new work surface. This is a good idea to have a storage space.

A sober and elegant U-shaped kitchen

With clean lines, this kitchen offers elegance and sobriety with different fronts in the kitchen and the living room. It blends with the decor and does not take up too much space.

A not-so-classic U-shaped kitchen


Designing a white kitchen is not old-fashioned because its U-shaped layout is energized by a brightly colored wall, which gives the interior room a new look.

A chic and elegant U-shaped kitchen

The light gray color dominates this kitchen as the sober and elegant side takes over. The marble worktop brings the chic look but also dresses up the credenza behind the sink and the cooking plates.

A U-shaped kitchen in pastel pink

The color pink offers a glow to a room. This kitchen features a pastel shade with contemporary lines and a matte finish on the fronts.

A U-shaped kitchen in XXL format

As the name suggests, this kitchen is interesting with its generous dimensions. The cabinets allow you to store your kitchen materials without worrying about space. There is a storage column on the back wall with an extended worktop.

Advantages of the U-shaped kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen is very practical because of its regular configuration. Its purpose is to reduce unnecessary movement to make life easier on a daily basis. This type of kitchen allows for three parts of the room: storage, preparation, and washing. It also has a quality of adaptation to all spaces. Whether closed or open, the U-shaped configuration will suit your room. This kitchen also offers several storage options with its overhead, and underneath cabinets, you can store your kitchen materials.

The disadvantages of the U-shaped kitchen


Despite its many advantages, U-shaped corners can lead to a loss of space. Indeed, the U-shaped kitchen forms two angles. Kitchen designers must use their creativity to invent very interesting corner arrangements. The installation of a U-shaped kitchen requires a central space of at least 1.20m. It is necessary to take into account the available space to put kitchen furniture side by side. It is not recommended for houses with a small surface.

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