A bathroom is a place that tends to be neglected when it comes to renovation. However, it is a place where we like to relax in the evening after a hard day. Sure, it’s quite expensive to renovate, but once you’re done, you’ll think it was worth it. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips to renovate your bathroom.

How to determine your needs


Ugly and impractical bathrooms are not popular! In fact, this room associated with comfort and daily activities deserves attention to its design and decor to create a welcoming space. Have you already started accumulating saves on your bathroom Pinterest boards? That’s great; however, be sure to remember that these layouts may not meet your needs. So make a list of your criteria and see how these points might impact the choices you make next. Here are some examples of criteria:

    • Ease of cleaning
    • The quality of the materials
    • The ergonomics of the bathroom
    • The amount of storage space.

Another point to consider, just like for the kitchen, is that the renovation of your bathroom could influence the resale value of your home. The bathrooms that are part of a house can have an impact on the first impression of the potential buyer. That’s why, if you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future, you may want to avoid an overly original design. That said since you will be using the bathroom, think of yourself first!

Plan the work

Like any other job, renovating a bathroom requires a work plan. Taking into account the size of your shower room, you should consider all the renovation possibilities. This will give you ideas about the final look and determine what work needs to be done to achieve your goal. You should also make an estimate on the changes you want to make. If you decide to do a self-build, you can save more money.

Choosing the tile

1. Wall Tiling

To protect your walls from the moisture they experience on a daily basis, the best solution is to install wall tiles. Wall tiles are the most commonly used because of the authentic effect they bring to the room. This fine ceramic tile creates a natural decor and a warm atmosphere. For more aesthetics and resistance, you can also opt for natural stone.

2. Floor tiles


If you are looking for a tile that is suitable for both wall and floor, choose one model for both. You can opt for natural stone tiles, which are among the noblest and most durable. It is also possible to make a combination to give more style to your bathroom. For example, if you opt for wall tiles, porcelain stoneware will be well suited.

3. Choose colors

Whether you choose a color for the tile or for the wall, the techniques remain the same. Indeed, the choice of colors depends on the size of your bathroom. If you have a small space, choose a light, neutral shade to give the room a larger effect. For large bathrooms, there are not too many requirements for the colors. Depending on your preference, you can simply choose between a warm tone or a cool tone.

Selecting bathroom accessories

1. Around the basin and sink

To select bathroom accessories, you need to determine which ones are essential. Since this room is often quite narrow, you need to sort out what to put in it. Start with the accessories to be placed around the basin and sink. It is essential to place a mirror. The bigger, the better. Also, add a soap dish and a cup to hold your toothbrushes. Small boxes are great for holding your makeup and first aid kit.

2. For the shower and bathtub

You can add fixtures or shelves near your bathtub. They will serve as a place to put toiletries like shower gel and shampoo. Don’t forget to hang a towel rack near your bathtub. Finally, to give your bathroom a natural look, opt for furniture and accessories made from eco-friendly materials like wood.

3. For a stylish bathroom


The choice of bathroom curtains plays an important role in its personalization. Preferably, opt for colorful curtains. This gives style to the room. However, please make sure that all the accessories are well matched to harmonize the tone of your bathroom. Also, favor curtains that are water resistant. They serve as a protection against splashing water anywhere in the room.

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