The curtains often provide the finishing touch to the interior design. That is why it is important to choose this highly decorative accessory for each room of the house. Material, style, price: we make the point to choose the right type of curtains. In a house like an apartment, the curtains do not only isolate from outside views. In the same way as the color of a wall or the presence of a carpet on the ground, curtains provide the finishing touch to the interior design.

They affirm the style of a room, refine the atmosphere of a place, and translate the feeling of a room drawn to four pins. Now, they are added to the long list of decorative accessories that stick to the trends. Whether they are plain, patterned, in sober or original colors, whether they are linen, cotton, or velvet, curtains are the new must-have to complete the decoration of the house. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips for choosing curtains.

Which curtains for which room?


The perfect curtains can vary from room to room. Some rooms may need a light and airy fabric, while others need a thicker fabric. At a store like Best Interior, you will have a wide selection of beautiful designs to choose from, but that doesn’t mean you have to succumb to the beauty of fabric without being sure it is suitable for its purpose. For example:

  • Cotton, polyester, or linen sheer are indicated in the living room. It allows natural light to pass through while creating an intimate atmosphere.
  • In the kitchen, it is preferable to opt for a polyester curtain. Because it can get dirty quickly, you can easily machine wash it. The ideal for this room of the house is still the boat or Venetian blinds because they are easy to clean.
  • In the room, we will opt for its heavy blackout curtains. The objective is that they can block the light of day and night.

The dimensions of the curtains

If you want your curtains to participate in the decoration of the house, it is important that the dimensions correspond perfectly to the place where they will be installed. Indeed, all windows in a house do not necessarily have the same dimensions. Therefore, measuring the distance between the floor and the rod is necessary. If the right length is primarily a matter of personal taste, know that placing the rod 15 centimeters above the window is customary.

In addition to the length of future curtains, it is also important to take measurements of the width. Again there is no ideal size. Everything depends once again on the tastes of everyone and the type of waves you want. Whatever the case, you must take into account the length and diameter of the rod and allow 30 cm more to obtain a minimum of waves. If in doubt, add 10 cm to your measurements; long and wide fabrics are easily caught.

What fabric and colors to choose for its curtains?

In terms of fabric curtains, the possibilities are many. It’s all a matter of style and the atmosphere we want to create. The most popular are linen and cotton. A nice pair of curtains in heavy cotton will inspire a warm, friendly, and contemporary atmosphere. The linen, for its part, can bring a touch of zenitude to the house. In addition to these materials, you can opt for velvet, both elegant and cozy. Silk will bring refinement to the room instantly.

Regarding the colors, they must remain in harmony with the rest of the room. The choice must therefore take into account the colors of the walls, the floor, the furniture, and the decorative objects present. Generally speaking, soft colors bring a note of softness, and bright colors bring brightness. You can also opt for patterned fabrics, which have recently become very fashionable, provided that you avoid a lack of taste.

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