Do you want to install new shutters on the windows of your house? If wood and aluminum have important advantages, PVC is different in many ways! PVC shutters offer good performance and are available in several models to fully meet your needs. Not sure? Not for much longer: here are 5 good reasons to choose PVC for your home’s shutters!

1. What type of shutters are best suited for my home?


There is no right answer; it depends on your expectations. Hinged shutters, suitable for many windows, will have the advantage of dressing up your fa├žade. Folding shutters, on the other hand, can be an adequate solution if your roof has gutters that can hinder the opening of swinging shutters, depending on the distance from the windows.

Finally, roller shutters offer the comfort of not having to open your window to open and close them. These actions can even be programmed or managed remotely if motorization is installed, although manual solutions are the most economical and quickest to install.

2. What material should I choose to make my shutters easy to maintain and durable?

If you want to choose shutters that are easy to maintain, then it is best to avoid wood, which will require a coat of stain or even paint, as well as a treatment for the wood every 2-3 years. On the other hand, aluminum or PVC shutters will not pose any maintenance problems, regardless of their shape. If you are looking for resistance to time, then PVC and wood (with regular maintenance) will be your best allies, provided you do not choose the first prices.

If you want to combine ease of maintenance with resistance, nothing is better than choosing polyurethane composite shutters. This material, which perfectly imitates wood, is a foam composed of cells that contain a gas that provides incomparable insulation. With PU composite, you will reduce your risks of renovation due to wear and tear: a quality/price ratio not to be ignored!

3. What style for my shutters?


It is natural to ask yourself what style of the shutter will best suit the style of your home. For contemporary homes, many materials can be used; aluminum and wood (if the slats are arranged horizontally) are the two most suitable alternatives. You can also opt for a wood imitation polyurethane shutter that will imitate the style of contemporary shutters.

The more traditional homes will require a more special effort; in fact, if their shutters are often composed mainly of wood, they come in many versions according to regional styles. Shutters with vertical slats or blinds, everything is possible. Finally, don’t hesitate to opt for shutters that will give an authentic style to your exterior.

4. How to choose the color of my shutters?

As we mentioned earlier, some regions have fairly widespread standards in terms of closures, such as the Basque Country, where the shutters are painted in the traditional Basque red. In Brittany, shutters are primarily painted blue… You can, therefore, totally adapt the style of your shutter to that of your region.

To have more personalized shutters, you can also consult our article concerning the personalization of its shutters (link to the article). We give you many advices on choosing the most adapted color for its shutters (according to your other types of shutters, your exteriors…).

5. Do some of my openings require custom-made shutters?


The last question to ask yourself before choosing your shutters: does your home need custom-made shutters? In other words, are some of your openings atypical (arches or diagonals, for example)? Many houses require custom-made shutters because they have atypical windows. However, an adapted shutter is the assurance of better insulation, both thermal and light. Polyurethane and wooden shutters are often the easiest to customize. Although some metal shops offer it, aluminum shutters, like PVC shutters, are more rarely adapted to your architectural specificities.

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