Living in a house also requires the installation of certain important materials in order to live there in complete peace of mind. Rightly so, the installation of windows on one’s roof is important in order to allow natural light to enter the rooms. But what type of material should be used? The Velux roller shutter offers many considerable advantages for your home. How it works is explained in the rest of this content.

How a Velux roller shutter works


Velux roller shutters have a special way of working. Indeed, they exist in several forms whose functioning can vary according to the power. For this reason, it is important to remember that the choice of equipment depends on your needs. And for this, it is highly recommended to consult a specialist.

Among the different types of Velux roller shutters on the market, we will mention the SSL solar shutter, which operates completely wirelessly. Even though the purchase price is high, this aspect makes it interesting. The other is the Velux SML roller shutter. This one works with 24V. Therefore, it needs the KUX100 module before it can be operated. You can ask a carpentry company for more information. In addition, the Velux SML roller shutter has an insulating force. This makes it more powerful than others.

As the shutter is 24V, it operates continuously and is not complex. Naturally, the opening and closing flap are expressed as +24V and -24V, respectively. Then 0V must be added, which determines the shutter stop. These voltages justify that the potentials are not the same.

For the assembly, for example, some people use two relays on the TCW181b card. This allows them to obtain a more economical system for shutter control.

Let’s also talk about the wiring. It is done according to a diagram. Others will talk about the risks involved in this. But this wiring is well mastered. What they fear is perhaps a short circuit of the shutter motor. But the combination of relays can never cause this.

Installation of a Velux roller shutter

The Velux roller shutter is even more solar efficient and prevents overheating of your room. You are also protected from night-time blackouts. In short, it allows you to enjoy a better temperature in your home, whatever the season. This roller shutter also reduces the noise produced by the rain on your windows. In addition, it is a safety device that can be installed in about an hour.

Solar Velux roller shutter

The solar-powered Velux roller shutter has a special way of working. With its photovoltaic cell, it converts solar energy into electricity, which is stored in the battery located in the box. This action is carried out autonomously. There is, therefore, no possibility of a wired electrical installation. This is done with a remote control instead.

Programming the velux roller shutter with remote control


The installation here, obviously wireless, is a matter of handling. Firstly, the window is opened from the identification plate on the left, right or top of the sash. There are two things to note here: the size code and the type of window (which concerns you). Before installation on this window, the roller shutter must be programmed using a remote control.

Then remove the cover to access the switch. You must make use of the borrowed end cap that was supplied to you. Now set your switch to the “l” position and wait about 10 seconds. Then press the “P” button continuously until you hear a buzzing sound with three small tones. Within the next ten minutes, the recording should already be done.

The recording is done in the remote control with a single long press of about one second on the “Reset” button. The mistake to be avoided is to use this remote control before installing the shutter.

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