The roof is an essential element for the safety and durability of a house. That is why just no one should install it. This work requires experience and expertise to avoid any problems. Thus, it is important to make the right choice of roofer to avoid any bad surprises. To help you make your choice, discover in this article the essential points that make a good roofer.



We must admit that it is quite difficult to find the right craftsman, whatever the work to be done. The choice is not obvious; that’s why it is necessary to do very careful research. This will help you to avoid certain inconveniences. So, to begin with, you need to focus on one of the essential points that make a good craftsman.

It is his qualifications. Because in the trade of roofing craftsman, there is a variety of specialization. In this case, for the choice of the most suitable craftsman, it is necessary to take into account the work to be done. And to be more certain, ask about his qualifications. Generally, the training courses that lead to this profession are:

    • The CAP roofer
    • The CAP waterproofing of the building and public works
    • The BP roofer
    • The BP option waterproofing the building and public works
    • Baccalauréat professionnel intervention sur le patrimoine bâti option couverture
    • BTS in carpentry and roofing
    • The BTS building envelope: facades waterproofing

Experience and expertise

Make sure that the craftsman is RGE qualified, as this is proof of his competence and reliability. If you call on a professional with this qualification, you will be able to obtain financial aid from the State. If the craftsman does not have this qualification, you can gather information on their skills from previous customers to get an overview of the work done.

Reviews from other consumers

As with any other company, you should check the reputation of the craftsman. To do this, you can ask around and check the Internet for consumer reviews and recommendations. Don’t rely on the first negative review; take the time to review several forums to compare better.

The time needed for the work

Generally, the time needed to complete the work, the hours of work, and the start and end dates of the work must be mentioned in the craftsman’s contract. In this sense, he must be able to meet the deadlines imposed because any delay can have significant consequences. It is proof of the serious involvement of the craftsman in the realization of the work. Therefore, if your craftsman takes a long time to give information and establish an estimate, it is not necessary to contact him again.

The insurance

Another very important criterion is the existence of insurance and guarantees. Indeed, to judge the quality of a professional, customers must have a certain guarantee. The recognized craftsmen are in the obligation to bring a decennial guarantee. It is a protection that opens a possibility of recourse for the customer in case there is damage after the completion of all work. In addition, the law requires all professional roofing craftsmen to take out civil liability insurance.

Rates and costs


It is true that each craftsman offers different rates, and the price may vary depending on the nature of the work or the area of residence. What is important is to focus on the hourly rate or the square meter rate of the craftsman. You should not choose the lowest rates because this can only mean poor quality work. Choosing high prices is not an option either, to avoid spending too much. The idea is to go around the average. Make a comparison between several estimates by selecting several craftsmen.

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