It’s time to renovate your home’s roof; you’re not convinced it’s still necessary? When you finally have the budget to change your home’s facade, the roof is something you can’t leave out, a very important part of your home’s presentation. However, for now, we are not going to talk about aesthetics or renovations based on a need to renovate the style.

In this article, we’re going to talk about roof renovations out of necessity. How do I know if I need a roof renovation? There are several signs that can tell you when a change is needed. Do you want to know about them? Don’t miss a word of the following content. So without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you ought to know about roof repair and renovation.

1. Lifetime estimate for roof renovation


Do you know when your roof was built or when the last renovation of an old roof was done? If you don’t know this number, try to find out from the last owner or the city’s land registry. Once you have it, consider the following.

Concrete tiles have a short life expectancy of about 40 years. Slate roofs, on the other hand, have the longest life expectancy of all; they can reach an age of up to 100 years. In general, the life expectancy of a flat roof is 30 to 40 years. For a pitched roof, the life expectancy depends on the roof. For bricks, it is 60 to 80 years.

2. The eternal enemy of structures: moisture

When inspecting your attic, you need to act quickly and contact a professional if you notice moisture or rotten spots in the structure. Moisture can easily enter the roof structure through leaks and cause rapid deterioration. If the roof is not renewed, stability cannot be guaranteed. Moisture in the roof structure can also lead to the formation of dangerous mold.

3. The roof must be renewed if the shingles fall off


Atmospheric agents always leave their relentless mark. Even if the shingles are cracked or broken, it is worth considering insulating the old roof. For a while, you can continue to replace the shingles. But when your roof looks like a checkerboard, it’s time for a more drastic intervention.

4. Can light get in?

If a ray of light can come out of the roof, it means that a lot of other things can come out as well: water, cold, snow, smoke, etc. This happens especially in the roof overhangs, where they meet the gutters. Don’t be too confident; a hole is often the cause of a more serious structural failure. Now, how do you renovate the eaves? Don’t worry; you have your best ally in roofing renovation for that.

5. The roof is sagging. It’s time to renovate the roof!


If the roof is sagging, it means there are structural problems. It doesn’t mean there is imminent danger either, but it is the kind of thing that is much easier to deal with when it is a small problem than when it is progressing. We don’t recommend putting off insulating the old roof for any length of time. Constant maintenance and the use of specialized personnel is the best way to have a safe home.

6. The average lifespan of a roof is about 20 years

It can be slightly less or more, reaching 30 years. This is a factor that should be taken into account before redoing your roof. However, in some cases, you may have no choice but to replace your roof, especially if it has deteriorated significantly. There are many factors that can lead to the destruction of a roof. These include rain, debris such as leaves, moss, wind, etc.

Many people do not know exactly when it is time to replace the roof on their homes. Aside from time, you can refer to certain signs such as curled shingles, water infiltration, damaged or missing shingles, etc. You may need a roof replacement if you notice mold, lichen or moss growth, or insulation problems.

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