The flat roof is often used in the style of contemporary homes. This type of roof gives a more aesthetic and avant-garde look than a classic tile roof for example. If it is easily accessible and designed, the flat roof can be considered an additional floor.

It can be “dreamed” into a garden if it is vegetated, into a terrace if you decorate it with outdoor furniture. You can even imagine installing solar panels to partially power your home. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the best reasons and advantages of having a house with a flat roof.

1. A modern look


The flat roof is a sure bet if you’re into design and architecture trends. Whether inside or outside your home, a flat roof can be a source of creativity and allow you to create skylights in your home or create a garden or terrace on top. A real architectural added value for your turnkey home project!

2. Optimal use of space

As a rule, a sloping roof is accompanied by an attic and implies the loss of a considerable surface on the upper floor of a house. This requires ingenuity in space planning and most cases, costly “custom” solutions to successfully optimize these attic rooms. On the contrary, a flat roof avoids the creation of attic space in a house. This allows you to take full advantage of your home’s living space.

3. An interesting installation and maintenance cost


Contrary to popular belief, opting for a sloped roof will cost you more than a flat roof. In fact, since flat roofs require less material, they are the ideal solution for small budgets. Unbeatable value for money and living comfort! Count on average between 60 and 110$/m², installation included. However, be careful with the fittings, which of course, increase the price.

4. Minimized energy loss

The surface area of a flat roof- which in reality always has a slight slope of 2 to 5% – is less than that of a sloping roof. Therefore, a flat roof reduces energy losses considerably and therefore also allows you to make real energy savings. A major advantage in the context of rising energy prices. It is possible to transform your flat roof into a green roof! You are doing a good thing for the environment, and it is an ecological way to improve the insulation of your house.

The installation of photovoltaic panels on a flat roof is simpler. Indeed, you are not subject to the orientation of the roof slopes and can therefore orient the photovoltaic panels in the optimal direction to ensure maximum profitability. It is very easy in this kind of contemporary house to create skylights that will flood the interior with sunlight. Great electricity savings in perspective! More natural light means less lighting powered by fossil fuels.

5. A space that can be adapted as desired


Finally, with a bit of imagination, the flat roof can be an opportunity to think of yourself as an architect for a few moments and to give free rein to your creativity: solar panels, south-facing terrace, garden or vegetable garden, green roof creating an ecological solution…

The main purpose of the flat roof is to exploit an additional space in your home and, thus, shape it according to your desires. Whether you are looking for a house in the center or the outskirts of Liege, the summers are always mild, and an additional exterior surface is always welcome.

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