There comes a time when your home’s roof finally needs to be renovated. Since the roof serves to protect and secure your home from the various weather elements, there comes a time when it can’t take it anymore and needs a little touch-up. However, you don’t know how to recognize when your roof is in bad shape and when it’s time for a renovation. Don’t worry; this article will help you understand.

How to assess the damage?


In order to avoid any deterioration of your roof and the degradation of your living comfort, it is imperative to regularly check the condition of your roof. The various works related to roofing renovation concern the repair of the coating, thanks to various specific treatments.

In this case, ideally, the construction should remain intact, and the work to be done should only concern the roofing. However, when the roof has been damaged very badly, a total renovation of the roof is necessary. Therefore, the first step is to assess the damage in order to determine whether it should be repaired or replaced.

Detecting waterproofing problems

The first thing to check is the waterproofing of the roof. In case it has some problems, there are many clues to find out. Most often, you can see moisture stains on the frame and ceilings. In addition, moisture can be felt in the insulation, as well as in the attic. The presence of moss on the roof should also be checked because it can cause waterproofing problems for the roof.

When it rains, do not hesitate to check for leaks inside your home. Leakage from the facade is also a sign of poor waterproofing. Before repairing the roof, be sure to identify the exact source of the problem, as seepage can be caused by a broken tile or a pierced gutter. In this case, the repair of the roof requires only minor work. However, the intervention of a roofing specialist is necessary.

Check the roof insulation


Insulation is also important to check because its poor performance is a sign of the roof’s obsolescence. In fact, a few things can already alert you to this, such as when it is continuously too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter inside the house. This is a sign that the insulation is defective.

Aside from the decrease in your thermal comfort, check your energy consumption as well. If you find that your bills keep going up, it’s because you’re losing a lot of heat. Also, when you feel that the air is very humid under the roof, roof repair is inevitable.

Ask a professional

In order to know when your roof needs to be renovated, you need to know the average life expectancy of the roof you have installed based on the type of roofing materials you have chosen. Then, you can call a professional roofer to perform the necessary examination to identify the different damaged areas and to estimate the cost of your roof renovation. The latter obviously depends on certain criteria, such as the work to be done as well as the age of the roof and its condition.

How to avoid repairs?


It is very difficult to avoid repairing or renovating your roof completely. However, there are alternatives to prolong the life of any type of roof. These include regular maintenance of the roof, including cleaning, but also the quality of the installation. Maintaining the roof is much cheaper than repairing it.

It should also be noted that problems related to waterproofing and insulation are, most often, due to lack of maintenance. So, to avoid these bad situations, regularly check the tiles, the attic, a word the general condition of your roof. You must remove moss and lichen, if any, by applying, for example, a water-repellent or anti-moss treatment.

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