Re-roofing is one of the biggest projects in a house. It usually takes 2 to 5 days of work. A roof involves a considerable amount of money and responsibility. In addition to being the first protection of the house, the roof is one of the major guarantors of the interior comfort of the occupants. In case of deterioration, a renovation may be necessary.

Every aspect of this project must be carefully analyzed to avoid wasting money and time. What are the steps to follow? When should the work be done? To guide you through this project, we have put together 6 essential tips to know before you start.

1. Develop a budget


First, set a budget. A typical asphalt shingle bungalow roof replacement normally costs $3.15 to $4.75 per square foot. For slate, sheet metal, plastic, gravel, or asphalt roofs, the price ranges from $7.50 to $37 per square foot. In total, considering that some damage can drive up the cost, the final bill often goes up to $10,000. To get a more accurate price, use our cost estimator, which will give you an estimate of how much your roof might cost.

2. Store

Because replacing your roof only happens once every 20 years or so, some contractors don’t rely too heavily on their customers’ loyalty. That’s why it’s essential to choose your roofer very carefully. Before you decide anything:

    • Take the time to store around.
    • Collect references from friends and neighbors.
    • Do your research on the web.

3. Get 3 quotes


Next, get at least 3 quotes from 3 qualified contractors and take the time to compare them. They should contain prices and all the details of the project, as well as details on how the work will be done. Make sure the contractors are licensed. We recommend a professional like Top-Line Roofing and Sheet-Metal Inc. for all your roofing needs.

4. Choose the right time

Be aware that the best time to re-roof is in the spring. Contractors are often very busy during this period, so plan ahead to get the work done. You’ll get a better price. Plus, the new roof will have all summer to properly bond in place. Otherwise, choose the summer or fall, but avoid doing the work during the winter (unless it’s an emergency). Cold weather reduces the adhesion of the shingles, and the wind could cause them to peel off.

5. Plan for the “extras


Unfortunately, some roofers downplay the work to be done in order to win business. They will offer you a very low price at the time of bidding, but once the work is underway, they will impose “extras” that will sometimes double or even triple that amount. This includes adding a layer of plywood, for example. How can you avoid these unpleasant surprises? Demand that the estimator goes on the roof to inspect it before writing the estimate. Also, ask for explanations or clarifications as needed.

6. Check the documentation

When it comes to documentation, a roof renovation requires three essential documents:

    1. Most cities require a building permit for roofing work. Ask your local council about this.
    2. You will need a written contract, which specifies all the details agreed upon, the products, and the costs of the project.
    3. Ask for a letter from your contractor’s insurance company confirming that their liability insurance covers your project.

Feeling ready to get started on the project? Keep in mind that there are many contractors on the market, and not all of them are beneficial. That’s why you need to compare different bids to make the right decision and ask as many questions as you need to.

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