When we undertake to fit out our home, the choice of furniture is one of the questions that concern us the most. It is necessary to opt for either the purchase of standard furniture or the design of custom-made furniture. In most cases, the latter option is the most suitable because of its multiple advantages. Are you planning to furnish your apartment with custom-made furniture? Find all the practical advice you need to complete this project here.

1. Personalize your interior with custom furniture


If the option of custom-made furniture is very often preferred to that of prefabricated furniture, it is because it offers several considerable advantages. First of all, opting for custom-made furniture offers you the possibility to furnish your apartment with furniture of a size perfectly adapted to your interior. This allows you to perfectly optimize the space in your apartment and avoid cluttering it, especially when you live in a small apartment.

By choosing the option of custom furniture, you can also choose the material you want for its design. This way, you can perfectly match the furniture with your interior design to bring more charm to your living space. If you dream of a unique apartment you can’t find anywhere else, custom-made furniture is undoubtedly the right solution. Moreover, it should be noted that the price of custom-made furniture is sometimes more affordable when you evaluate the quality/price ratio. This depends mostly on the professionalism and reliability of the company you have chosen to accompany you in the realization of this project.

2. How to make a good foam cut for your furniture?

The cutting of foam is an essential step if you plan to design a seat, a sofa, or a mattress. It allows you to give a basic shape to the furniture you have chosen. Therefore, it must be carried out with meticulousness and precision so that you can obtain the desired final result. You can commission a professional company to do this project or do it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself, ask about foam cutting to make sure the dimensions fit your furniture. While cutting your foam at home is possible, there are some key skills you need to know to ensure you don’t lose a lot of the material you purchased.

3. Equip yourself with the cutting equipment


The materials you need to complete your custom cutting project will vary primarily based on the thickness of the foam and the design you desire. For a thickness ranging from 1 to 3 cm, a scissor would be enough to make your cut. On the other hand, when the thickness is more important, you need to have adequate tools such as a knife, a cutter, or a saw specialized in foam cutting. You must also have a tool to measure the foam to make your cut. The third necessary accessory is the marker: it allows you to draw a pattern on the foam with the dimensions and shape you want so that you can more easily cut them out.

4. Protect yourself while cutting

Before cutting foam for your furniture, don’t skip the protection step. You will be handling sharp objects, and you will also be exposed to foam dust. Unfortunately, we often tend to neglect the protection step or relegate it to second place. However, it is a very important step. Your health is more important than your furniture.

You must take the necessary steps to cut your foam safely. This means equipping yourself with a glove that is soft enough to allow you to move your fingers easily and strong enough to protect you from injury in case of mishandling. You should also wear a mask to avoid inhaling dust while working on your project. Finally, protect your eyes by wearing proper goggles to prevent getting foam particles.

5. How to cut the foam properly?


Once you have gathered all the materials and taken all the protective measures, it is time to cut the foam. If the model of furniture you want is only made of straight cuts, the process is much simpler. Simply mark the areas to be cut out with your marker and use a knife or a cutter to extract the shapes. This is the case when you want to make furniture in the shape of a rectangle, like a mattress, for example.

On the other hand, when it comes to a more sophisticated piece of furniture like an armchair, you need to consider cutting other shapes, which requires more professionalism and precision. To obtain these designs more easily, it is recommended to prepare a pattern designed in cardboard, for example, which will serve as a template. Then, you will only have to place it on the surface of your foam to be able to cut it following the lines of the pattern.

Whatever the shape and thickness of the foam you want, you will have to make the cut in several steps, starting with the surface cuts and gradually going down in depth. This is important to prevent the edges of your cut from being uneven or jagged instead of smooth. If despite all your precautions, this happens, you can cover the uneven areas with a piece of smooth foam to soften the edges. You can also use a sander to polish the edges while making sure that the measurements of your cut are not too notched.

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