Buying furniture online is a great way to furnish a home. But this operation seems a bit risky. How do you know if the images of the items you see on the sales sites match what you’re getting? Or that a piece will meet your expectations when you haven’t had a chance to see it yet?

You need a breath of fresh air, especially in your home! So, to make a difference, nothing better than replacing old furniture or making room for a new one! Especially since with all the decorating inspiration that is constantly blooming on Instagram and Pinterest, you’re overflowing with ideas! If you’ve asked yourself similar questions, follow these tips to make a reassuring purchase.

A new ultra-design console for the living room, a retro table for the dining room, a sublime bookcase to hold all your books, new bedside tables, a trendy sofa… You already have in mind what you are looking for; you have to start searching. However, you don’t know where to start with all the sales sites proliferating on the internet.

1. Check the measurements


Here’s a basic rule that applies to both online and in-store purchases: once you fall in love with a piece of furniture, don’t get carried away by your passion, and remember to check the measurements to avoid unpleasant surprises once you receive it. Also, make sure that the furniture- or the boxes if it’s a kit- will fit through a door, a window, a stairwell, or any other obstacle to its reserved place. Because it would be a shame if it ended up sleeping in the street…

2. Compare sites, brands, and prices

Admit it, the perfect combo when looking for the furniture of your dreams is stylish design + great price. So here’s a tip: compare! When you have an idea of the piece you want, explore new and used furniture sales sites, check out online comparison sites, and look at all the brands, prices, etc. And think about the end-of-series items offered by some of the best furniture stores. And think about the end of the series offered by some sites in which you may be able to find a nugget at a low price!

3. Pay attention to the seller


On the well-known pro-sale sites, you don’t have to worry too much; normally, there will be no problem with payment security or bad surprise at the arrival. On the other hand, you should be wary of the little-known sites or second-hand furniture resellers. Start by looking on the internet to see if you can find any reviews on the said site. Then, for purchases between individuals, check the rating and comments obtained by the seller over the course of his sales, which will normally always be specified.

4. Go and see on the spot

So, you will say to us, “what is the point of going on-site if the goal is to buy on the internet?” Well, because some sellers have a showroom where it is not possible to buy but where you can come and look at the merchandise before cracking. Also, for the websites selling second-hand furniture, don’t hesitate to ask the seller if you can come and see the furniture before buying to be sure that it corresponds perfectly to your expectations.

5. Pay attention to shipping costs


That’s it! You’ve found THE perfect piece of furniture, the one that will match your interior perfectly and give it an incomparable cachet! But here’s the thing: a piece of furniture is not a little dress that you can easily have delivered to your mailbox or a relay point without spending a cent.

So beware of unpleasant surprises! Because the delivery of furniture can sometimes considerably increase the final bill. So it is better to think about it and take it into account in your budget. And even more so if you opt for a complete service with assembly of the furniture on site.

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