Is your bedroom well-lit? A cocoon room par excellence, the bedroom is a space of absolute comfort and relaxation that requires a soft and muffled atmosphere. Lighting is crucial to create a peaceful and restful atmosphere conducive to sleep. Still, it must also be thought out according to the different daily activities to generate an adapted luminosity. It is often mistakenly thought that two bedside lamps are enough to illuminate this room, whereas the bedroom lighting must be multiple.

On the one hand, subdued light is necessary to create a cozy and soothing atmosphere; on the other hand, more powerful homogeneous lighting, without being aggressive, will be essential to carry out certain specific tasks, especially if you have a desk corner in the room. This is why we recommend a good mix of three types of lighting: general lighting, comfort lighting, and spotlighting. Here are 4 more common mistakes and their solutions!

1. Unsuitable Lampshades


Screwed onto the heads of lamps and floor lamps that are sure to be invited into the bedroom, shades play an essential role in the diffusion of light. Avoid opaque shades at all costs! Especially if you don’t have reading lights to complement your bedside lamps. Instead, opt for drum or cylindrical shapes for good light dispersion.

A large floor lamp that provides a lot of overhead light can work wonders in a bedroom. Choose floor lamps with a wide shade so that they primarily illuminate the top and bottom of the room rather than the sides. As for lamps to be placed on a chest of drawers, a shelf, a bookcase, or a bedside table, you can play with the materials of the shades by focusing on transparency and subdued effects.

2. The Wrong Bulb Temperature

Avoid bulbs that are too white or too cold, above 4000 Kelvin, for the general lighting of your room. The risk? Creating an icy atmosphere! On the other hand, for reading lamps, choose white light lighting for better reading comfort. In the bedroom, you should always choose a soft light.

It is adapted to low luminosity, which is not the case with cold light. The body reacts to the luminosity and adapts to the environment according to the light diffused. For example, at the end of the day, if the light in the room is cold and intense, it is a signal, and the body starts again for a waking cycle. The color of the light is also important. It is preferably warm with a yellow tint.

3. Skip The Functional Lighting


In general, we like to stroll in his bedroom and take his time. Finding clothes in the dressing room, reading properly, and putting things away are just some of the many activities that require functional and targeted lighting in the bedroom. Think of adapting your lighting to your needs: type of lamps and light orientation to gain comfort. Functional lighting is, for example, recommended in a dressing room to better organize, store or choose your clothes. Several options are available:

  • In the form of adhesive LED tape to be fixed along the shelves or on the sides of the furniture
  • Self-adhesive LED spotlights with motion sensors are placed at the top and bottom of the dressing room and turn on and off when the doors open and close.
  • The LED spotlight rail integrated into the ceiling and placed at the top of the dressing room provides general lighting on the shelves while giving another dimension to the furniture.

4. Skip The Mood Lighting

If you had to apply only one piece of advice, it would be this one: don’t be satisfied with a ceiling light; multiply the lighting! Put a lamp on a chest of drawers, a wall lamp above a console, a string of lights around a mirror… These complementary lights will enrich the lighting atmosphere and make your bedroom a space dedicated to cocooning.

We don’t think about it enough, but using wall sconces to light a bedroom is interesting from all points of view: comfort and functionality. They offer effective lighting while remaining very discreet. They can be placed above the headboard instead of the famous bedside lamps, or they can be placed on another part of the wall to redirect the light, which will bounce and become softer.

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