Adding a skylight to your home is always an attractive idea; it lets in more natural light and reduces electricity costs while improving the appearance of your home. On hot Australian days, you can open your skylight, if it’s vented, to let in the fresh air and make your home less stuffy.

This guide contains everything you need to know about skylights, and we always recommend that you hire a professional rather than DIY this type of work. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you ought to know before getting a skylight in your home.

Things to know


Do you dream of living in a sunny home and are looking for ways to bring natural light into your home? A skylight is the perfect solution to brighten up a dark space and can really change the atmosphere of a room. It can be installed on both flat and sloped roofs. However, it should not be confused with a bay. Unlike a skylight, a skylight does not open and therefore does not ventilate a room: its sole function is to provide natural light to your interior.

The daylight will make your living rooms very pleasant to live in all year long, even in the middle of winter! Looking for inspiration? Want to make your skylight project a reality? Then you’ll most likely need a preliminary declaration of work. Call on the experts in town planning who will obtain your town planning permission. They’ll take care of all the administrative procedures, and you’ll be able to track the progress of your project using an online dashboard.

1. A sunny kitchen thanks to the skylight

A skylight will make your kitchen as pleasant as any other room in your house. If it has long been considered a secondary room, it is now a space that opens up to the outside. A skylight in your kitchen will bring direct sunlight onto your work surface. It is an ideal solution to minimize the use of spotlights, which still occupy a prominent place in the lighting of our kitchens.

2. Bring natural light into your bathroom


Another so-called “secondary” room frequently lit by artificial light, the bathroom, deserves to benefit from natural light. With a skylight installed in the center of the room, your bathroom will take full advantage of the sun. It is also much more pleasant to get ready in the morning in daylight rather than under a ceiling light. The little extra: who hasn’t dreamed of taking a bath under the stars?

3. A skylight for a transparent veranda

The living room is probably the most important space in a house. It is the living room par excellence, the one in which we gather as a family to share good times. Therefore, the living room must be well lit to make it warm and welcoming.

What could be better than a skylight in the living room to create a real opening to the sky? In addition to bringing light, it will allow you to highlight certain areas of the room: place a plant or a decorative object under a skylight, and you will make it a central element of your living room.

4. You want to install a skylight in your home: what are the regulations?


The installation of skylights may require planning permission. Indeed, if you install a vent in your roof, you are modifying the exterior aspect of your house. This is part of the works for which you must obtain a preliminary declaration of works. On the other hand, no town planning permission is required if you install these light ducts inside to diffuse daylight from the upper floor to the lower level without touching your roof.

Looking for help?

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