Independent living begins with the move from the parental nest to a personal home. Later, this notion of independence requires the respect of a minimum of criteria in order to ensure the safety of the resident. Thus, before renting or buying an apartment, any owner or tenant must check the criteria below. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things that an ideal home should have, in our humble opinion.

1. Thermal comfort and phonic security


The concern for comfort and privacy is at the heart of any claim made for a person’s independence. Meeting these requirements means checking the thermal comfort and sound security of a home. Indeed, the first criterion requires the use of an air conditioner so that the resident can experience peaceful summers and warm winters. To maintain a stable indoor temperature, the ideal is to apply thermal insulation from the outside.

Furthermore, it is important to know that independence rhymes with serenity and privacy. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the interior sounds are preserved and that the outside noises do not disturb the residents. For this, it is necessary to check the sound insulation of the apartment.

2. A minimum of practical and aesthetic comfort

Since it is a place of rest and permanent residence, the home must have a minimum of aesthetics. The idea is that everyone should have a reason to like staying in their home. The first visit to the home should generate a feeling of security and the idea of a decorative touch or a possible change to improve the decoration.

If the property shows certain signs of practical and aesthetic discomfort, such as doors or windows that do not close, serious wall cracks, a floor or slab that moves, etc., there is a basic problem requiring the intervention of a demolition company.

At the risk of finding yourself in a ruined house, it is advisable to take this first impression into account and refrain from signing any contract. These practical and aesthetic criteria can vary according to the requirements of each person, such as the quality of the wallpaper used or the existence of an automatic pool curtain for the safety of children.

3. Hygienic criteria

A sanitary home must be ventilated and illuminated. Ventilation and sunlight eliminate bacteria and prevent mould growth. In general, these criteria are required for all rooms in the home. The kitchen, bathroom and bedroom must meet these requirements. In addition, a third criterion for hygiene is the effective removal of asbestos.

In order to prevent lung diseases caused by the inhalation of asbestos powder, it is necessary, as soon as the visit is made, to check with the owner that the asbestos removal has been carried out. For your information, this action has been subject to strict regulations since 1997.

4. An ecological presence


Physical and spiritual well-being is based on the awakening of the sense organs. It is scientifically proven that the sight of green space, the colour of the sky or the sunset is beneficial to our organisms. The medical alternatives of chromotherapy and aerotherapy are irrefutable proof of this. Given these facts, it is advisable to opt for a habitat closer to ecology. A balcony or a veranda where you can breathe fresh air and see the sky or the environment is ideal.

Of course, this criterion does not require a large garden or shielded facades. On the contrary, a charming wooden building with a panoramic view perfectly meets these conditions. It should be noted that the criterion of optimal comfort is not to be considered when looking for suitable habitats.

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