The origin of roofing ornaments is very distant. They often marked princely residences, but everyone can get them now. They make it possible to beautify the roof, and some reinforce its sealing. Here are 7 main types of roofing ornaments.

1. The roof cob


This ornamental piece is composed of conical bases and some decorative elements on a metal rod. This roof decoration has been used to reinforce waterproofing even since its appearance in the 11th century. Having the shape of a terracotta pot, a roof cob has become an element of decoration today. Even if it is less present in contemporary buildings, several models are currently appearing on the market to widen the choice of individuals.

Also called awl, the finial is often placed at the tip of a roof domed or conical or at the end of a ridge. You have surely already seen a cob in the shape of a rooster, a crescent moon or a pigeon which is placed at the top of steeples.

2. The lambrequin

Used for many years in architecture, this decorative ornament is installed on the edge of a roof or above a window. Available in different shapes, it protects roller blinds and shutters. In addition to decorating the edges of the roof, it completes the decorative look of the whole house. As it is possible to find a lambrequin in PVC, wood and zinc, this dressing can adapt to any style of roof covering of a residence. For its installation, you need to seek the intervention of a qualified roofer in the installation of ornament.

3. The roof weather vane

Previously reserved for noble families, the weather vane became accessible to everyone after the French Revolution. Its place was often at the top of the roofs, but today it is fixed in the garden to make the exterior decoration of a house more original. However, the weather vane has not lost its primary role, which is to indicate the direction of the wind. To make your ornament even more unique, you have the option of choosing a floral composition, a teardrop or cardinal points composition.

4. The skylight

This vertical bay is placed projecting from the slope of a roof. Its role is to let in daylight and air. It can also become accessible to enter the attic of a house. A skylight is often composed of a vertical facade and two sides called “cheeks”. Moreover, if you wish to have a skylight with a circular opening, you only have to order a bull’s eye.

5. The fire pots

This roof ornament is an ideal decoration for tall mansions. Travelling through France and Belgium, you can meet her not only on the roofs but also on the portals and entrances of a building. Made of zinc or copper, this decorative vase can take on the appearance of a pear, a tapered vase or a basin.

6. The ridge gallery

Are you looking for a decorative element to crown a ridge? The ridge gallery is the element you need. Often placed between two finials, this ornament can be made of zinc or copper. It enhances the aesthetics of your home. To be able to choose the pattern for your ridge gallery, you must go to a roofer specializing in the manufacture and installation of roof ornaments.

7. The campanile


This roof ornament is often found in a church and not on the roof of a private house. This round or square-shaped element often houses a bell. Composed of several simple or worked posts, a campanile is composed of a base and an arcade.

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