The terrace being a place that can be magical to enjoy the good weather, its layout has become essential for our home. To build a terrace, one must take into account the durability of its construction materials and its aesthetics to sublimate the exterior. Despite the many varieties of building materials, wood demonstrates high performance and remains highly prized. A short presentation on a few species of wood could help you make your choice.

Exotic wood decks

black wooden framed glass door

With interesting properties, exotic wood slats are very popular for a contemporary-style terrace. Their aesthetic side and their durability lend themselves to outdoor use, such as the terrace. Indeed, the tone ranging from dark brown to bright red is decorative to match the colors of the garden. This type of wood is almost uniform and has only fine grains.

In addition, it is heavy and solid to endure various attacks. Thus, conservation of up to 25 years is guaranteed without any prior treatment. To bring this contemporary touch, you can put long fabric chairs on it, border it with planters and shelter them from the sun using a pergola.

Also, the placement next to a swimming pool offers a beautiful view from the terrace. As for its use, this type of wood originated in Africa, and it has come a long way to come to your abode. Nevertheless, these majestic trees are endangered, and to preserve the environment, it is in our interest to limit their current use.

There are several kinds of exotic woods, including padauk, cumaru wood, Ipe, etc. Padouk is very popular. It has a gorgeous coral-red hue that hints at its sturdiness. In terms of maintenance, the slats are already resistant to humidity, wood-eating insects, and fungi.

Its color is, however, grayed out over time. To keep its original color throughout use, you can use a saturator a few weeks after installation. You can repeat this gesture every year to obtain an effective result. There are also other ways you can use to renovate the terrace. Contact a professional carpenter to build your deck.

The softwood deck

The quality of the resinous boards allows the manufacture of a rustic-style terrace. This type of wood is highly valued for its clear, rose-tinted tone. To decorate this type of terrace, you can opt for handcrafted materials such as plant fiber lamps, wool or fiber poufs, and simple cushions.

This reflects the beauty of nature that you can admire from this place of pleasure. You can also add a swing at its side to relax better. In addition, softwoods such as pine, Douglas fir, and larch are quite light and easy to install. However, they are unstable and deform easily. Nevertheless, once subjected to a treatment, their resistance to humidity can be improved.

Hardwood deck

brown wooden tables with chairs on hardwood flooring

The interesting properties of hardwoods lend themselves to multiple uses. Indeed, these include oak, chestnut, and Robinia, which are all majestic trees. It adapts to any type of style. You can call on the specialists of the exterior fittings to create the terrace of your choice. Oak, for example, has a brown color, tinged with yellow and this shade intensifies under the effect of light.

Regarding use, the oak wood terrace undergoes deformation over time because it is unstable. You can still take care of the fixing to overcome this type of problem. Also, space a small gap between the boards to allow for any width-wise expansion. In addition, it is heavy and has great durability.

It does not fear the attacks of fungi and insects. Speaking of chestnut, it has almost the same characteristics as oak. It expands easily in the face of humidity, hence the need for good fixation. This wood is known for its stunning aesthetic side.

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