If you are anything like me, you will enjoy and love a good night of sleep.

But, what about those days when you’ve been yearning to go to bed, only to find out you can’t sleep?

Sometimes, the problem doesn’t lie with you but with the bed.

Now, when we talk about a soft and plush bed, we tend to think about Murphy beds. Legend has it that the Murphy Bed was so loved and comfortable that men used it to woo women.

#1. Lori Wall Bed

Lori Wall Bed

We spent so much time on our bed that I’d say we’ve been doing it for about a third of our lives. So, choosing a comfortable bed is more than necessary.

Now, for those for whom the budget matter more, I’d suggest choosing the Lori Wall Bed.

Known as the cheapest Murphy bed that you can easily buy at only $799, this bed comes in two different orientations: horizontal and perpendicular to the wall or vertical and parallel to the wall. If you are the owner of a low ceiling room, choosing the horizontal design works better. On the other hand, the vertical design option is recommended for taller rooms or for those who want a more traditional look. And, if you are undecided, simple: consult Murphy Beds and Storage Solutions.

Made in the United States and from 100% Baltic birch ply, this bed, as per customer reviews, comes with a lifetime warranty.

Here are some additional benefits:

  • The Lori Wall Bed is very easy to assemble, with no need for a separate lifting hardware kit
  • You’ve got safety locks that can prevent the bed from falling in the standard position.
  • Very durable and long-lasting

#2. Bestar Nebula

Bestar Nebula

You really need to have a look at this one.

People who want a sleek Murphy bed with added features might want to consider the stunning Bestar Nebula.

Designed to fold up and down quickly and safely, this bed can cave in a large cabinet with metal handles. Once firmly secured to the wall with sturdy screws, the bed can then be easily unfolded via a dual-piston system that is set to keep the mattress open. Take note that this bed, unlike the others, can support around 1,000 pounds (including the weight of the mattress).

To make things even better, this great vertically mounted wall bed also consists of a 25-inch customizable storage unit with shelves and clothing rods.

However, remember that it is said you need at least three people to assemble this bed.

#3. Night & Day Furniture Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed

Night & Day Furniture Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed

Keep in mind that your bed will also be the focal point of your bedroom.

If you are a fan of the classical bedroom style, I’d recommend the Night & Day Furniture Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed.

With a unique structure and beautiful carvings, this cube-style Murphy bed was designed to take up minimum space in a room. Once closed, you would say it look exactly like a chest or a cabinet fit for a rustic style bedroom.

What you have to do to convert it from a cabinet to a bed: remove the top, fasten the latches, pull out the legs, and fold it down.

#4. Fusion WallBeds Library Wall Bed

Fusion WallBeds Library Wall Bed

Have you been looking to transform your study or office space into a bedroom? There’s no better way than opting for the Fusion WallBeds Library Wall Bed.

I’d add that you won’t only be wrapped with comfort but also surrounded by the warmth of books (that is, if you’d use the bi-folding bookcase to store some of the great classics or the latest Stephen King’s novel).

Putting aside the shelves, which offer a great deal of adjustable surfaces, you’d be glad to know that the red cherry was loved by all customers.

#5. Urbino Bed

Urbino Bed

Are you looking for a more versatile style? Do you want your bed to look super trendy with a crisp-white finish? You need to get the Urbino bed.

Considered as one of the best Murphy beds, it does not only come with a compatible mattress but also has a sofa connected into it, which can be kept when not used.

Trust me, with its innovative Italian mechanism, this bed is sleek but not too imposing.

Looking for a Murphy bed that can tailor to your specific need and taste? Contact Murphy Beds and Storage Solutions!