The bedroom is often the room where the decor changes the most over the years. This is even more true when it comes to a teenager’s or pre-teen’s bedroom since their tastes and needs are constantly changing. Currently very fashionable, the aesthetic room leaves room for the creativity and personality of young people.

Aesthetic is a perfect theme to bring out the calm, design, and artistic aspects of a room. It’s a great choice for decorating a bedroom, especially since it’s a theme that’s in vogue with young creatives and those looking to express their personality. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our great tips on how to design an aestheticĀ bedroom.

Enrich the walls


Aesthetic walls can be the highlight of an aesthetic room. Moreover, it is the ideal way to let your imagination run wild and give authenticity to the room. To do this, you can display many Polaroid photos, photo frames of different sizes, decorative mirrors, and decorative paintings. Indeed, arranging the interior of an aesthetic room does not have many constraints. You can decorate the walls of your room with the phrases that define you and images representing everything you love.

Note that the principle of aesthetics also envelops issues of feeling and melancholy. Add to that string lights along the ceiling or hanging on a wall to make a personalized design such as a heart, a raised hand, a lightning bolt, or even a face. In short, creativity is the key to the success of the design of an aesthetic room.

Vary the accessories used

Using different types of accessories is an effective method for designing an aesthetic room, especially since the project can be less expensive than you think. Indeed, you can use existing decorative accessories and combine them with others that you will buy or create. Moreover, aesthetic decoration is a style for which it is quite possible to mix many decoration themes.

Therefore, as an example, you can add bohemian touches with plant tapestry, decorative indoor plants, of which falling plants are the most popular, and an Asian imprint by installing specific lanterns. Otherwise, vintage, tropical, Scandinavian, industrial, and Zen decorating styles are all ideas you can combine. In short, anything goes as long as you have fun with the project and can express yourself freely.

Mixing colors

Although pink, pastel shades, beige, brown, gray, black, and white are the basis for creating an aesthetic room, the addition of other colors and shades is not a bad idea. For this, the use of round cushions of different colors, usually flashy, is a great idea to avoid overdoing it. In addition, use sober, plain, or simple patterned linen.

This avoids having a visually cluttered decoration as opposed to the expectation of an aesthetic decoration. Note that the natural lighting during the day and the subdued atmosphere at night reflect the cozy and cocooning side of the aesthetic room. If the room in question has a skylight or a roof cupola, you can exploit it to play with lighting, colors, and decorative accessories.

Use natural materials


The use of natural materials in the design of a room aesthetic optimizes its warmth. To do this, choosing a natural wood headboard and bedside table is an excellent idea. To vary the species, you can optimize the decoration with rattan and bamboo accessories.

Alternatively, rattan is also great for a mirror frame. Install a raffia dream catcher near the window and a raffia basket in the corner of the room. However, if your project requires more complex work or you don’t feel confident in designing your own aesthetic room, it’s best to contact a professional interior designer.

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