In terms of decoration, bedding is an important element of the bedroom. Its appearance should be taken care of as much as possible. The comfort level impacts the sleeper’s health because the more comfortable the bedding is, the better the health and quality of sleep. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the keys to a successful bedding renovation and makeover.

1. Choose a king-size bed


The size of the bed ensures optimal comfort. Its dimensions must correspond to your height. For one person, you should choose a 120*190 cm bed; for two people, a 200*200 cm will be perfect, and for a child, a 90*190 cm bed will do. The height should be around 50 cm. You can choose a bed that suits you from an expert in furniture sales.

2. Opt for a personalized bed model

The choice of a bed depends on your needs and the space you have available:

  • A box bed or a bed with drawers is perfect for people who are looking for extra storage space.
  • A convertible, mezzanine, combination, or bunk bed is perfect for optimizing space, as these models allow you to save more space in a room.
  • A round bed is for those who want to stand out from the majority of sleepers.
  • A classic or electric bed is for those who like a minimalist style.
  • A theme bed is perfect for people who want more originality. It is perfect for children’s rooms. Among the models available are the pirate ship bed, the car bed, etc.

3. Install a headboard


In addition to not being in direct contact with the wall, a headboard also helps to improve the design of a bed. It is up to you to determine its dimensions. They must absolutely match the dimensions of your bed. In addition, you can choose between different materials such as wood, leather, fabric, velvet or upholstered style, etc.). A headboard is easy to make so that you can do it yourself.

4. Test the mattress before you buy it

The mattress is a major asset for your comfort. You should choose it carefully by doing a test. To do this, lie down and test its firmness by applying pressure with your elbow. You can also bring another person with you so that you can compare opinions. In addition, most major bedding brands offer a test period of a few months. If the mattress doesn’t work for you, you can send it back without having to pay for it.

5. Choose your pillows according to your sleeping position


Pillows are more of subjective criteria. They should be chosen according to the sleeper’s individual needs and sleeping position. Even for a couple, the type of pillow can be different because each has its preference. To avoid stiffness, your pillow should keep your head in line with your spine.

So, if you sleep on your back, choose a pillow that is fairly thin. If you are used to sleeping on your side, choose a thick or firm pillow to bridge the gap between your head and shoulder. A light, fluffy pillow will do if you prefer to sleep on your stomach. This type of pillow has a low-density synthetic foam or feathers and down. If you’re a fairly versatile sleeper, look for a medium comfort pillow with a synthetic or natural filling.

6. Choose silky bedding

A silky bedding fabric provides a good feel, which ensures a comfortable sleep. This is the case with cotton sateen, wool, or silk.

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